What Internal Medicine Doctor Does

The internal medicine doctor is not a general practitioner or GP. But he could very well be your family doctor. The doctor of internal medicine tempe az clinic or rooms is a specialist practice. As a specialist medical practitioner, this doctor and his colleagues are endocrinologists. They are also specialists in the practice of what is known as nuclear medicine.

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There is a focus on the monitoring, remedying, treatment and care of the human metabolism system. It is, in one example, defined as endocrinology-metabolism. The endocrinologist is a specialist in the diagnoses and treatment of diabetes and related illnesses, diseases of the thyroid and cancer.

The endocrinologist examines and treats osteoporosis, also known as metabolic bone disease. He is also looking at kidney stones. And he is responding to adrenal, pituitary and hormonal disorders. Cholesterol related illnesses are also being treated. Nuclear medicine can be correlated with molecular imaging work.

In this specialist medical environment, it is expected that only the most advanced medical technologies and its related equipment are being utilized. One extended example includes ‘GE-LOGIQ e neck ultrasound equipment’. Having seen some of the diseases being treated here, how is a potential patient to know whether he or she is an ideal or model candidate? Answering this question in layman’s terms even could be complex.

But best practice may suggest that the first port of call remains that of the general practitioner. It goes without saying that the patient reports to the GP. In not so many words he or she is able to outline how he or she is feeling. Common knowledge of symptoms found could lead to tests being run or a direct referral to the specialist endocrinologist, if not him, then another specialist in an entirely different field.